How does SKYBEAM Internet service work?

SKYBEAM provides an Internet connection via a wireless antenna system. An antenna is installed on your roof with an attached radio receiver/transmitter. This antenna is pointed at a nearby Access Point tower, and must have a clear line‐of‐sight (no trees, buildings, or hills blocking the path). When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless link from your radio/antenna to our Access Point. From there that information travels over our “backhaul,” which is a point to point wireless link to a fiber‐optic connection hooked directly to the Internet. SKYBEAM service has very low “latency” (or delay) compared to satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space. SKYBEAM is well suited for digital phone (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol/VoIP) and other uses such as VPNs or gaming.

How is it wired into my home?

SKYBEAM professionally mounts an antenna on your roof, then runs a CAT 5 wire (phone wire with 4 pairs of wires) down the outside wall of your home (we try to follow a rain gutter to hide the cable). We then bring the wire into your home by drilling a small hole or following an existing entry into the home such as a duct or prior cable, phone or satellite TV installation entry. An Ethernet jack is then installed on the inside of an exterior wall (your computer should have an Ethernet port ‐ all new computers do. An older computer may need an adapter). If you need additional inside wiring to extend the connection into your home, you may need to hire a wiring contractor or may want to consider using a wireless router (available at computer stores) to distribute the connection throughout your home.

How do I connect multiple computers to the connection?

SKYBEAM will install a single Ethernet jack inside your home. If you have more than one computer, you will need to purchase your own wireless router. A router acts as a splitter, allowing up to four computers to be plugged in directly, and it also wirelessly sends your Internet signal throughout your home to any computer or laptop with a wireless card. An 802.11g wireless router typically can be purchased from any computer or office supply store.

Does weather affect the service?

Weather will not cause a degradation of service even in many severe storms. Your connection will remain stable even during winter months or other stormy periods. Heavy rains that are continuous over several hours/days may cause a degradation of service. Wireless Internet access requires a “line‐of‐site” connection from your house to one of our towers. This means that any large trees, buildings or other obstructions may cause a degraded level of service. Our installers do a site survey before installing to make sure that there is a good signal.

What are the computer requirements for SKYBEAM Internet?

Recommended requirements: Pentium 233mhz or higher; Windows 98 or higher; 64MB RAM or higher; 100MB free hard drive space. You need to have an Ethernet port on your computer or a wireless router with a wireless card in your computer to receive our service. All newer computers have an Ethernet port; for an older computer you can purchase a card at any computer store to add an Ethernet port. You can also purchase wireless routers and cards at a computer store.

How does SKYBEAM Internet access differ from standard dial‐up?

Unlike dial‐up, our service is always on. This means that there is no dialing, no waiting, and no need for a second phone line. In fact, our service doesn’t require a phone line at all. There is also a dramatic difference in speed ‐ SKYBEAM is over 100 times faster than dial‐up service.

How long will it take to set up service?

We can typically have service installed within several days of placing an order. Once we’ve determined that the service will work at your location, it takes about 2‐3 hours to complete the installation.

Can I do the high‐speed Internet installation myself?

Not at the present time. However, you can self‐install the digital phone package.

What about e‐mail accounts?

If you already have free e‐mail accounts (i.e., Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, G‐mail, etc.) you can access these accounts over the SKYBEAM Internet connection. SKYBEAM also provides e‐mail accounts that are included with the Internet service, and they can be accessed via the web or from a PC based e‐mail program such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

For further information, please call us at 1-888-759-2326.



How does SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone using Voice Over IP (VoIP) work?

What makes it different than a traditional phone line? Traditionally a phone conversation is converted to electronic signals that traverse an elaborate network of switches in a dedicated circuit that lasts the duration of a call. In Voice over Internet Protocol a conversation is converted to packets of data that travel over the Internet or private networks, just like emails or WebPages, through voice packets, that get priority status. The packets get reassembled and converted to sound on the other end of the call. It is priced much lower than standard phone service and doesn’t require the taxes and fees that most traditional phone companies must add to their price. The quality of the service is nearly identical to or sometimes better than traditional phone service.

What kind of equipment do I need?

All you need is high speed Internet and a phone adapter to go with your home phone. We recommend a traditional cordless phone that is 5.8GHz (or greater). SKYBEAM provides the phone adapter that allows your standard phone(s) to use the Internet connection to place calls. The adapter is plugged in between your Internet connection and your router or computer. Your home phone can then be plugged directly into the adapter or a phone wire can be run from the adapter to a phone extension jack so that all the phones in your home can use the service.

What are the advantages of SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone?

It makes long distance calls less expensive by removing some of the access charges required for use of the public telephone network. Advanced Features are included like programming, call-forwarding through a web tool, receiving email and text message notification of voicemail messages, call transfers, etc. Virtually all traditional telephone features are included in the low price and are not additional add-on charges.

How do I access my Advanced Features and manage My Phone Settings?

You may access your account through the My SKYBEAM/My Phone Settings section the Webpage at www.skybeam.com or http://voice.skybeam.com. You will use your 10 digit SKYBEAM number as your user name and your voice mail PIN (usually 4 digits) as your password to login. Some of the features that you may manage include getting your voicemail at your email address, having a failover number (if your service should become unavailable such as during a blackout), changing the ring duration, verifying the cost of your low international rate prior to making a call, and reviewing your inbound and outbound records.

How do I transfer (port) my existing phone number?

When you sign up for SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone, you may elect to “port” (transfer) your existing phone number over to our service. That decision can be made at the time of installation or can be done at a later date. You will need to complete a Line Number Port authorization (LNP) allowing us to contact your current carrier and port your number to our service. The LNP should have the same address and account number as your present carrier has on record. This can be obtained from a recent bill from your current carrier. Fill out the LNP form left by your SKYBEAM installer. Your high speed Internet installer will leave it for you at the time of your Internet installation.

You can make this request online ‘Keep My Existing Number (LNP Form)’ for us to port your number.

If you are porting your existing phone number, your ATA will be shipped out approximately 2 weeks after the order has been placed. Porting a phone number takes approximately 30 business days to complete.

Does 911 service work?

Yes, you have Enhanced 911. Enhanced 911 allows 911 calls to be connected directly to a live 911 center and not through a secondary call center that then routes the call to the 911 call center. This allows the personnel responding to the 911 call to access your address directly. Therefore, it is important to not move your ATA to another address because 911 responders will not have accurate location / address information. If moved, it’s important that you update the current address with us for your 911 records.

Does reverse 911 work?

Yes, reverse 911 works with our service. This is not a service that SKYBEAM provides, so you would have to contact the emergency response unit for your county and register with them.

Can I dial using 7 digits only?

Yes, only within your area code. If 7-digit dialing is not working, please call us at 1-888-SKYBEAM / email us at techsupport@skybeam.com so we can fix this problem for you.

Can I use my computer while talking on the phone?

Yes, you can use any number of computers on your broadband service while you are talking on the phone. The system automatically gives priority to your voice to ensure quality of service. If you are having any issues with this, please call our support line at 1-888-SKYBEAM and let us know so we can ensure your voice packets have priority.

Can I use my answering machine?

Yes, as long as you have disabled your voice mail options in your digital phone portal at http://voice.skybeam.com If you are still having issues with this, please calls us at 1-888-SKYBEAM or write to us at techsupport@skybeam.com.

How is the voice quality?

The quality is typically at least as good as or better than a land line.

Are there limitations to the service?

Since Voice over IP operates over the Internet, SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone service does not work in blackouts or if your Internet connection is down. However, a backup number (such as a cell phone) can be used as a “failover phone” if the SKYBEAM service is not available. Your Service may not work with security systems.  Many times the Service does not function correctly with credit card machines.  Please ask the SKYBEAM sales team for further assistance to best meet your needs. Collect calling is not available with VoIP.

Does fax work with SKYBEAM digital phone lines?

Fax as a technology has not be perfected with VoIP, they work best when the fax speed settings is changed to ‘9600’ Baud rate. You can change that under your fax menu options. We also recommend e-Fax, for more details, please see next question.

Does SKYBEAM offer e-Fax?

Yes, we do offer e-Fax service. This is an incoming only service; all your faxes are converted to .pdf files and send to an email assigned by you. This service costs $7.00/month for residential lines and $19.95/month for business. Please email us at lnp@skybeam.com to request this service added to your account. Please mention the email you would like the fax documents forwarded to.

Will my phone number be published?

SKYBEAM does not publish residential phone numbers. For business lines we have a 411 listing, to publish your business information, please contact us at lnp@skybeam with your account name and number, we will list your information for 411 services.

What additional features does SKYBEAM offer for business lines?

In addition to the features listed for residential lines, we offer: – 411 listing for your business account – We also offer a feature that allows you call 2 numbers simulteaneously, this feature can be activated on your ‘One Number Access’ tab in your voice portal – http://voice.skybeam.com – Call “hunting”, where line one can “hunt” to a second line when the first line is busy. You would need at least 2 business lines to activate this feature – this will have to be activated by the SKYBEAM digital phone team, please contact us at lnp@skybeam to activate this

How do I order SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone service?

You can begin the ordering process for SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone online at www.skybeam.com or in Colorado/Wyoming by calling 1-888-759-2326 and opt for the sales line. SKYBEAM high speed Internet must be installed to receive SKYBEAM Unlimited Phone.

For further information, please call us at 1-888-759-2326.

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